Everything About Juice The Cat Is Cute, Especially His Size and Unique Personality

When you become a cat parent, you realize a lot of things and disprove misconceptions. You learn that not all cats are aloof and do not like their humans. They actually love their personal space but would also enjoy the company of their favorite people. Cats can get clingy, and others are as playful as a dog. They all differ in many ways but are equally adorable. Aside from personality, you’ll also notice things about their health and growth. You certainly do become a parent when you have a pet in the family. Every little thing about them is precious to you. Regardless of physical traits, you’ll love them the same.

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Grace is one of those cat parents that provide sufficient attention to her fur baby. She noticed that her charming little Juice is smaller than regular felines. He might look normal, but his physical trait was actually an effect of his health condition. Before Grace had adopted him, Juice had a family who surrendered him because they could not take the responsibility anymore. The feline was sickly and was brought to an animal emergency center where his soon-to-be mom had a part-time job. Cats are so precious to Grace that she happily adopted Juice. The cat parent ensured that she is providing a comfortable life for Juice, especially since he still has medical issues.

Photo: Youtube/GeoBeats Animals

“He just kept getting sick. We don’t know exactly what was wrong with him until about eight months old,” Grace shared. “Turns out he had an autoimmune disease. Now he’s stable and on medication.” Regarding his size, Juice is half the size of a regular cat because the disease affected his ability to maintain muscle mass. Unlike other felines, he can’t amazingly jump from one place to another. Despite everything irregular about him, he’s still a cute furball of sunshine that Grace cherishes. According to the pet mom, Juice loves cuddling and always reaches for your hand. He also loves announcing his presence in the room through a scream.

“I always tell people he’s the sweetest cat unless there’s food around,” Grace said. Juice might be tiny, but he has a big appetite — any food that attracts his sense of smell and sight aren’t safe around him. He even loves his greens! Although Grace wants to provide Juice with everything, the family still needs to watch out for foods that felines must not eat. They also track his diet and ensure that he doesn’t get overfed. Juice certainly is a foodie, and he developed a trick to reach for food in the sneakiest way possible. However, Grace had already observed his ways, and the family already knows the cat’s plan.

Photo: Youtube/GeoBeats Animals

Moreover, Juice is one of those cats with a dog-like personality. “He’ll follow me around everywhere. When I bring him to work with me, he hates the other cats and he’ll hiss at them, and he sees a dog, he immediately goes up to them and wants to see the dog,” Grace explained. Juice is truly a one-of-a-kind cat that is so well-loved by his fur mom and the whole family. He has found the right humans, which he deserves. Although it might be a short one, Juice can enjoy his life with comfort and happiness under Grace’s care. Watch their lovely bond in the video below. He is a tiny, lovely cat, but he occupies a huge space in the hearts of those who adore him.

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