Cat Sits On Eggs To Help Incubate Them With Mama Hen

Cats and birds are often thought of as classic enemies. Cats are predators, birds are prey. It makes sense that they wouldn’t make the best of friends. Just look at Tweety bird and Sylvester cat!

However, some animals can defy the stereotypes and overcome their differences, including a cat named Bonya and a hen named Tsypa.

Photo: TikTok/@bonya_a.n.d_nyusha

The two live with their owner, 45-year-old Olga Ivanhenko, in Luhansk, Ukraine, and they have quite an unusual relationship.

You see, Bonya likes to curl up in Tsypa’s nesting box and lay right on top of her eggs! Sometimes the cat will even join the hen in the box and they’ll cuddle up together.

Photo: TikTok/@bonya_a.n.d_nyusha

Since eggs need to be kept warm to survive, it’s almost as if Bonya was doing the hen a favor by helping her sit on the eggs.

According to Caters Clips, Olga said: “I think the cat considers the nest box to be a very cozy place to spend his free time. It may be warmer for both the animals in there so they both have something to benefit from this situation. I’d describe the relationship between the hen and the cat as a cautious friendship. The chicken eggs haven’t hatched yet and we’re all waiting for this moment as it will be interesting to see what happens next.”

Check out the videos below:


♬ оригинальный звук – Pufik_cat


♬ оригинальный звук – yush_alena💜fan

Thankfully, it seems that Olga won’t have to worry because Bonya remained calm when a little chick was added to the mix.

In a series of follow-up videos, you can see Bonya in the nesting box with Tsypa and her eggs – and a live chick!

Photo: TikTok/@bonya_a.n.d_nyusha

Bonya seems calm and collected, even as the little chick perches on the cat’s head!

Check out the clips below:


♬ оригинальный звук – голубь

@bonya_a.n.d_nyusha Ответ пользователю @satorus.kfcbucket ♬ оригинальный звук – Это жизнь 🤧

You can keep up with Olga, her cats and the chickens on TikTok, @bonya_a.n.d_nyusha.

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