Max The Persian Cat Steals His Owner’s Opera Solo

Max the Persian cat recently found his way to stardom by stealing the show during his owner’s TikTok video.

Marua was singing an opera piece for her TikTok account when Max popped into the frame and distracted Maura.

Rather than shut off the camera and start again without distraction, Marua keeps filming to see what Max will do.

Photo: TikTok/

To her surprise, the furry feline breaks into song! It seems as if he was waiting for his time to shine and he performed an opera solo of “meows” and cries.

Maura uploaded the video on TikTok and it quickly went viral, amassing over 4.5 million views!

Photo: TikTok/
Photo: TikTok/

“What a legend,” she wrote in the caption.

Check out the video below: What a legend. #OperaCat #OperaSinger #catsoftiktok #bestsinger #talent #musictok ♬ original sound – maura music

People were blown away by max’s performance. “How dare you try to take his solo!” one person commented. “He’s really putting his little soul into it omg,” another person added.

Maura shared a part two of “Max the opera cat,” but he didn’t seem as enthusiastic as in the first clip.

Check out the video below: Meowmarilli Mia Bella🤌🏼 #OperaCat #catsoftiktok #OperaSinger #fyp #catcomedy ♬ original sound – maura music

You can see more of Maura and Max on TikTok,

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