Senior Kitty Has Some Hops: 13-Year-Old Tabby Sets Record for Most Rope Skips in a Minute

When you were a kid on the playground, you likely got into some serious jump rope during recess. If you were at all competitive, you may have been pretty proud of your consecutive jump streaks compared to those of your friends. Now imagine a cat showed up and schooled you on the sport. Kit Kat the cat may have been able to do just that.

Kit Kat, a long-time feline performer once featured in a campaign for Friskies cat food, added another accomplishment onto his resume last month: The most jump rope skips by a cat in one minute. The 13-year-old senior managed nine.

He accomplished the feat along with his owner Trisha Seifried, who also works as an animal trainer. She rescued Kit Kat when he was about a month old, taking he and his mother and siblings to a farm, where the sharp tabby quickly learned some tricks. In fact, he’s been performing since he was a kitten, jumping rope in front of crowds at the farm when he was just six-months-old.

Due to his age, he doesn’t jump rope quite as much these days, focusing on other tricks, like giving high fives, waving, and meowing on command.

Seifried says, “He loves to learn, when treats are involved he puts his whole heart into it. He will spin around with excitement and try to offer all of the things he knows!”

She also says Kit Kat is proof that cats cat be trained. If you’d like to train your own cat with a few fun tricks, here’s a guide you can try. To watch Kit Kat’s record setting jumping, watch the video below!

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