Cat Rings Doorbell And Begs To Be Let In After Realizing The Outdoor Life Isn’t For Him

Black cats are notoriously tied to superstitions, Halloween, good luck, back luck, and prejudice. While all cats are stereotyped as being aloof and cool, black cats are held to an even colder standard.

Jaidyn Fountain’s black cat was aptly named Vemon for his sleek appearance and wits. He may appear mighty, but Fountain isn’t convinced.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

In a video shared on TikTok, Fountain explained that her “scaredy cat” wanted to be let back into the house in the middle of the night and he knew just what to do to get in.

In the clip, you can see Venom frantically jumping at the doorbell and letting out a few solid meows.

Photo: TikTok/@thenamesjaidynnn

Fountain isn’t sure where he learned to use the doorbell but she speculates he got the idea from observing her use it during the day.

“When your cat thinks he’s an outside cat but rings the doorbell at 12am because he’s scared,” Fountain wrote in the TikTok video.

Check out the clip below:


Scaredy cat 🙀

♬ original sound – Jaidyn Fountain

The video was viewed over 20 million times and people had one pressing question: Was the cat let inside?

Jaidyn shared in the comments that they let Venom in right after the video ended, but added that they’ll continue to let him outside.

Photo: TikTok/@thenamesjaidynnn

In fact, people were so worried for the cat that she did a whole follow-up video showing that the cat was back inside and was doing alright.

She added that Venom isn’t declawed and loves being both inside and outside and he’ll continue to live like that.

@thenamesjaidynnn Replying to @Natalie Grace everyone formally meet Venom! 🐱#scaredycat ♬ original sound – Jaidyn Fountain

You can keep up with Venom and the rest of his family on his mom’s TikTok account, @thenamesjaidynnn.

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