Grandpa Sweetly Gives Free Cat “Rides” for His 94th Birthday

Grandparents are some of the sweetest people in the world. They intend to provide the best love and care for their grandchildren without hesitation. For this reason, grandkids feel safe whenever they’re around. When those grandchildren grow up into adults, they still seek the comfort of their presence. For most of a person’s childhood, their grandparents are the biggest source of warm hugs and smiles. They will remind you of the holiday seasons, desserts, candies, and your childhood favorites.

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The internet has a collection of videos starring adorable grandmas and grandpas. Although shared by a stranger, anyone who watches such content becomes happy — especially when reminded of their grandparents. Recently, a Reddit user shared a loving moment between her grandfather and her cat. In the video, bunzarelli’s grandpa entered the living room with his walker and Bear, the cat, on the seat.

Photo: Reddit/bunzarelli

The cute moment has already captured many hearts, as the post received 146k upvotes and 2.2k comments. It’s lovely to see that bunzarelli’s grandfather isn’t just good with his grandchildren but also with cats. According to OP’s caption, her grandpa was the one who was excited to come over and give free rides to the adorable feline. It was his birthday wish at the age of 94 — he surely knows how to have fun! Grandpa would push his walker and stroll around the house.

One Reddit user with the name enderverse87 said, “I’m glad the cat cooperated. Sometimes they won’t feel like it even if they’ve enjoyed it before.”

Bunzarelli replied, “Oh yes, Bear is the best boy. Immediately hopped on the second Gramps got in the door and didn’t move for 30 minutes of laps.” Isn’t that adorable? It’s kind of bunzarelli to share such a heartwarming moment with the world. Her grandfather and Bear have made lots of people smile — which lessened the stress of using social media.

“You even rolled up the carpet so he can cruise through! It’s the small details that scream love,” 900penguins wrote. Grandkids are also willing to make efforts to ensure their grandparents can have a fun time, that even in old age, they still get to play with their grown-up grandchildren or their pets. It’s sweet of bunzarelli to pay attention to details to help her grandfather and Bear enjoy their stroll without hassle.

Being surrounded by a warm family can truly make birthdays even more fun and remarkable. It’s worth the celebration, especially when you can laugh and smile with them. Most importantly, give free rides to a charming feline.

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