Woman Shows Her Cat Things He’s Never Seen Before And Films His Reaction

Cats are clever little buggers, but even they can get confused about seeing new and interesting things. Even everyday household items can come across as mysterious to someone seeing them for the first time.

Instagram user @queenofontario, who goes by Amaris, decided to introduce her orange kitty named P to items he’s never before, and she filmed his reactions!

At first, Amaris introduced P to a bottle of hair conditioner, but from there, she continued to add new items to his world.

In a 25+ part series, Amaris shows of P’s reactions to various things.

Photo: Instagram/@queenofontario

Check out the videos below to see P’s recent reactions for yourself!

He seems so stoic about seeing a parking ticket and his adoption paperwork:

He’s not that into Amaris’ passport, but the baby sensory video has him captivated:

Perhaps it’s the unique color, shape, or size, but P was particuarly interested in seeing a fire extinguihser for the very first time. As for the Mona Lisa? He let out a yawn.

You can see more of P and Amaris on Instagram, @queenofontario.

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