The Best and Quickest Ways to Get Your Cat Out of The Room

For pet parents, specifically cat persons, having a feline makes the house feel homier. That’s why you’d want to create a safe and comfortable space for them. They deserve to feel at home as much as you do — your cats are your official housemates. However, pet-proofing and keeping them away from particular rooms is vital. Cats are natural adventurers due to their curious minds, and that can sometimes get them into trouble.

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Based on your living preferences, you might want to keep them out of your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, or nursery room. You can prohibit them by setting up gates or any border that can stop them from entering. However, if not feasible, you can opt for other methods that will make your cat walk out of the vicinity. It could be challenging, especially when your cat feels safe and comfortable in that room. This is a shared struggle between cat parents, which led to online discussions. A Redditor with the username oh_lordt even posted advice on Life Pro Request. OP wrote, “The fastest way to get a cat out of a room is to close the door.”

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Although effective for some, several fur parents couldn’t attest to the method. And if it didn’t work on your cat as well, then maybe you can find the right strategy in the list below.

Don’t Pay Attention to Scratching Knocks

When a feline is determined to enter a room, it may scratch at the door nonstop. Ignoring them can make them stop and give up on their agenda. Another trick is to put double-sided tape on your door, because felines do not like sticky surfaces. It not only keeps them away from the room but also avoids door damage. In addition, aluminum foil can help, as cats dislike the sound of the foil. Both solutions convey a message to your feline — they are not allowed inside.

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Spray Bottle

The spray bottle technique will act as an emergency alarm every time the cat attempts to enter or is already inside the room. Spray them with a little water to let them know that their behavior is not okay. But you have to be careful with using the method since it might affect your relationship. Instead of linking the spray bottle with the room, the feline might think that you are just scaring them with it. You may purchase an electronic cat deterrent to do the job for you. It’s a piece of equipment that sprays the cat with air after detecting the incoming trespasser.

Taste Deterrent

Once your cat associates the room with a taste they dislike, they will stop every future attempt. Pet parents can accomplish this task by smearing food substances by the door laced with tastes cats don’t like. The taste deterrent might make the cat lose interest, and the room will not be comfortable for them anymore. You can choose from bitter sprays or hot and spicy condiments.

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Create a Distraction

“Laser pointer. The last time I had a momma cat and a litter of kittens to herd, laser pointer,” MaybeTomBombadil commented under oh_lordt’s Reddit post. Distract your cat with something else — anything that can divert their attention. You can call them, trick them with treats, throw a toy, and more. Laser pointers are known for catching their attention. They’d be focused on following the light — a quick way to lead them somewhere else.

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Citrus Rinds

If the taste deterrent does not work, you can resort to triggering their other senses. Take advantage of the fact that felines are disgusted with citrus scents. Scatter orange or lemon peels across the room to spread the smell. You can also use artificial fragrances such as those from air fresheners. But if you want to opt for a natural and safer way, citrus rinds are highly recommended. You just have to ensure that you remove the rinds before they decay and induce bacteria growth in the room.

It’s only right to give your pets everything they want and need. However, it’s also a pet parent’s responsibility to discipline them. Remember that you have to discipline them in the safest and most caring way. If you have other cat parenting tips, you might want to create an LPT post like oh_lordt’s. Many fur moms and dads will be grateful for the additional tips and tricks, especially for first-timers. You might learn something new from them as well.

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