Watch This Baby Otter Receive Warm Cuddles from a Mama Cat and Her Kittens

There is always that one animal that can instantly soften your heart when you look at them. Whether in person or on the screen, you’d want to give them the coziest hug ever. Baby animals often make humans feel that way, especially pets at home. They know how to win hearts effortlessly — one look is already enough happiness. If one animal can do that, what more are two different species with equal adorable qualities. Social media has a collection of such content, from images to videos. Most of which are animals with their babies. For instance, cats and dogs who are rarely seen being sweet with one another.

Photo: Reddit/westcoastcdn19

Aside from the typical canine and feline combination, you’ll discover unexpected animal duos on the internet. There are dogs and monkeys, pigs and cats, goats and llamas, and much more. Whether it’s an adult or young version, the softness is still there — your heart could burst from cuteness overload. Interestingly, a Redditor has shown the internet another animal relationship that is rarely seen. In a post by westcoastcdn19, you’ll witness how a cat cuddles a baby otter as if it’s one of her kittens.

At first, you won’t notice that it’s an otter until after a few seconds. They were all scooching close to the mama cat to get warm hugs, but the baby otter was the only one who got extra grooming love. The scenario indeed looks cozy, not because they are lying in a soft bed but because it’s two animals that exude comfort. You can feel the love oozing from the short clip, and you’d also wish to receive cuddles from them. It looks like the mama cat adopted the baby otter, and it feels like it’s home. Due to the heartwarming content, the Reddit post received 63.7k upvotes and over 400 comments.

Redditors couldn’t help but express their love for the video and even shared funny interpretations. “Mama cat: This kitten is longer and squeakier than the others. But he is my baby. I shall love him regardless,” SkysEevee funnily commented. Mama cat’s love was indeed apparent from the way she hugged her new baby. That’s why watching the clip can immediately make you smile because you can feel the love coming from the screen. Spread warmth and happiness to your loved ones by sending the link to this Reddit post. Make someone smile today with just a 15-second clip of a mama cat and a baby otter.

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