Flight Attendant Finds Loose Cat Mid-Flight And Tries To Wrangle It

When flying on a commercial airplane, there are a few things we don’t expect to see. A cat running around the aisles is definitely one of those things!

Security protocols are so tight for airlines that it’s hard to imagine an animal could escape mid-flight, but that’s exactly what happened to a flight full of passengers and cabin crew!

Photo: YouTube/Storyful Viral

According to Storyful, the cat was on a United flight going from Dallas, Texas, to San Francisco, California.

One of the flight attendants noticed the cat wandering the aisles and immediately began trying to wrangle it.

If you’re familiar with cats, you probably know that they can be quite devious and elusive when the want to and this cat didn’t want to be caught!

Photo: YouTube/Storyful Viral

In the end, the flight attendant was able to catch the cat and they even located the owner, who appeared quite frazzled that her cat had escaped.

According to United’s pet policy, pets allowed in the cabin “must travel in either a hard-sided or soft-sided carrier that fits under the seat in front of you.”

Photo: YouTube/Storyful Viral

The animals aren’t generally allowed to exit the carrier through the duration of the flight, but it seems this cat owner didn’t get that memo!

You can watch a video of the incident below, courtesy of Storyful:

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