Nemo The Cat Becomes BFFs With New “Nemo” Fish

It’s no secret that cats love fish, but that love might not go both ways. In fact, cats are known to eat fish and prey on them, so it makes sense why cats might enjoy fish but fish wouldn’t feel the same way.

One orange tabby cat, Nemo, happens to be aptly named after his love for fish.

Photo: Pexels/Peng Louis

Rather than getting Nemo a real fish to torment, his owners decided to compromise by getting him a plastic fish.

“We got Nemo a new fish, and this one’s a Nemo too!” his owner shared on Instagram.

As it turns out, Nemo the cat ended up loving the plastic Nemo fish. Even after the novelty of the toy wore off, Nemo refused to stop playing with it!

His owners shared more photos of “Nemo’s pet Nemo” on Instagram, and it’s pretty adorable:

Nemo’s love for his fishy friend began to catch people’s attention, and his owners shared about him on Reddit too.

“We got Nemo a pet *FAKE* fish, and he’s madly in love with it,” they explained. The post was accompanied by an adorable photo of Nemo with his pet fish, Nemo.

We got Nemo a pet *FAKE* fish and he’s madly in love with it
by u/Piggy1029 in OneOrangeBraincell

In a comment, they explained that the fish is “just a kids’ toy called robo fish, it’s activated by being in water, and the little tail flaps, keeps him entertained for ages.”

You can keep up with Nemo the cat on Instagram, @nemonoms.

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