Mom Can’t Contain Her Excitement When She Walks Outside And Finds Missing Cat On The Porch

Ring doorbell cameras come in handy for various reasons. Mainly, they’re great for either thwarting attempted breaks ins because their presence scares off potential intruders, or they’re good for identifying criminals who’ve stolen stuff off our porches or broken into our homes.

But besides being fantastic for saving us from crime, Ring doorbell cameras can also serve as a way to capture the humorous moments of life like people playing silly pranks on each other, or animals doing funny things.

Photo: Reddit/u/Just_Another_Frodo

They can also capture the touching moments of human existence.

Just think about all the times that we’ve seen Ring doorbell cameras capture the actions of thoughtful delivery drivers or surprise reunions between loved ones. One Ring doorbell managed to get a very sweet moment between a cat and its owner.

Photo: Reddit/u/Just_Another_Frodo

The video was taken from a Ring doorbell camera and then uploaded on Reddit by a husband after his wife was reunited with her missing cat.

According to the husband, “Yesterday our indoor cat escaped for the first time. 12 hours later he came home to my wife.”

Photo: Reddit/u/Just_Another_Frodo

Anyone who has ever had an indoor cat get out on accident knows just how emotional it is when they finally come home, and this cat owner was no exception.

As soon as she stepped out of her front door and saw the cat, she was overcome by emotion. She immediately picks him up and holds him close, so happy that he’s back.

It definitely brings a tear to your eye:

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