Cat Mom Welcomes Tiny Puppy Into Her Litter Of Kittens

While there is a popular notion that cats and dogs are natural enemies, they can actually form close bonds and even become the best of friends or like family.

That was recently seen in a beautiful way thanks to a video shared on TikTok.

Photo: TikTok/@fasterhamster_

In the clip, you can see a litter of kittens and their mama all walking to together like a big family. In the middle their littler is a tiny puppy!

The puppy is not much bigger than the kittens and seems to be going right along with the kittens. It’s clear that the mama cat has welcomed the puppy into her litter of kittens and she’s willing to care for the puppy as if he’s her own.

Photo: TikTok/@fasterhamster_

At the end of the video, the mama cat starts cleaning the tiny puppy as if he were a kitten. It’s so sweet!

Mother animals adopting other animals of a different species is truly incredible. This altruistic behavior highlights the innate maternal instincts and the strong bond that can exist between a mother and a baby, even that baby isn’t her own.

Photo: TikTok/@fasterhamster_

These extraordinary acts of adoption demonstrate the capacity for empathy and caregiving that exists among animals. We often don’t give animals enough credit, but they truly can be so loving and caring.

Check out the video below to see for yourself:

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