Cat Wakes Woman Up To “Make Biscuits” On Her Face

If there is one thing that we know to be an almost guaranteed behavior amongst cats, it’s biscuit making.

Cats love to knead blankets and other soft things, almost like their kneading dough.

Photo: TikTok/@bubbynmittens

It seems to be like some kind of comforting behavior carried over from when they were kittens. It’s an expression of pure happiness and contentment, and it’s also pretty freakin’ adorable to watch.

If you are the subject of their biscuit-making endeavors, such as they’re kneading the dough on you, it can kind of make you feel special as a cat owner. To this day, I still feel special whenever my cat makes biscuits on me while we’re cuddled up together on the couch.

Photo: TikTok/@bubbynmittens

However, if the blanket ever falls slightly and the skin on my arms or legs is exposed, it quickly becomes less pleasant due to the tiny little needle pricks from her claws. It’s not the most comfortable situation to be in, and I couldn’t imagine that on my face.

However, for one woman, her cat decided to make biscuits on her face to hilarious results. The woman ended up recording a video of it and posting it to TikTok, with the caption, “He woke me up out the dead of sleep.”

Photo: TikTok/@bubbynmittens

The video is funny as it shows a rather perturbed woman recording her happy cat kneading away at her face. Cats, you just got to love them quirks and all.

Check out the biscuit-making gone wrong in this TikTok video below:

@bubbynmittens Why he make biscuits on me #catsoftiktok #biscuits #fypシ #ihavehadenough ♬ original sound – BubbynMittens

What do you think of this little cat’s decision to knead his owner’s face? Has your cat ever decided that your face is a great ingredient for kitty biscuits? Let us know!

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