Cat Owner Shares “Life-Changing” Litter System That Only Costs $20 A Year

Pet cats can bring a lot of joy into a home, but they’re also a lot of work. While it’s true that cats are often thought of as being more low-maintenance than dogs, it really depends on the specific cat and the systems an owner has in place to take care of them.

One of the most daunting parts of taking care of a cat is the litter box. I’d argue that no one truly likes scooping litter. It’s messy, expensive, and has that specific smell that screams “crazy cat lady house.”

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One cat owner who knows the litter struggle all too well is Becky with Becky Marshall Design. She grew up having up to 7 cats in the home at one time, so she’s quite familiar with cat ownership and litterboxes.

When she grew up and decided to get her own cats, she started researching the best litter system to have and that’s when she came to a realization. She didn’t need to have regular clay litter at all. Instead, she could use pine pellets for kitty litter!

Photo: YouTube/Becky Marshall Design

Becky ended up falling in love with the system, so she created a whole video on how to do it.

“My new litter system is easier, more pleasant to do, more ethical, and it’s cheaper,” she said.

In the video, she explains that clay litter that most people use is a finite resource (meaning, it’s bad for the environment to mine), it ends up in landfill, and it’s straight-up unpleasant to use.

Photo: YouTube/Becky Marshall Design

Her solution is to use pine pellets, a byproduct of the lumber industry. She claims that pine pellets are a renewable resource since they come from trees, they’re compostable, and they’re significantly cheaper. According to Becky, she spends just $20 per year on pine pellets in place of litter!

Becky ends the video by saying, “Why aren’t we all doing this? I don’t know, but that’s why I created this video.”

The hack was shared back in 2019 and since then, it’s been over 5 million times and received thousands of comments.

Photo: Unsplash/Zeke Tucker

A lot of the comments on the video claim her method works. “A year ago I watched it and was sceptical, but you CHANGED MY LIFE. Wood litter + a sifting box = best thing that happened to my cat-care routine. THANK YOU!” one person commented. “New cats owner here – THIS LITTER BOX SOLUTION IS EVERYTHING!!!” someone else wrote.

Check out the clip below:

Have you ever heard of using pine pellets for kitty litter? Have you tried it for yourself? Let us know!

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