Pet Parents Woke Up to Witness Their Mischievous Cat Having Fun with the Light Switch

Having a cat gives you a reason to smile, laugh, and get up in the morning every day. Although aloof at times, they can show their adorable side to their favorite humans. They can get clingy, demanding, or talkative when you capture their heart and trust. One of their fascinating traits is their curiosity about any object they encounter indoors or outdoors. Living with a cat is like watching an interactive adventure show, which is entertainment with comedic flair. You’ll see them chasing robot vacuum cleaners, climbing on curtains, or exploring your garden and observing each plant. They have the urge to learn and know if anything is a threat or not.

Photo: Reddit/majedhazmi

For this reason, pet parents have so many photos and videos of their cats effortlessly being funny to satisfy their interest. In this day and age of technology and electronics, cats haven’t become more inquisitive of their surroundings, but we’ve become more observant of them and how their curiosity interacts with our modern world. Sometimes it’ll be scary, especially when their object of fascination is the light switch. A Reddit post by majedhazmi showed how a feline acted upon its curiosity. It was like a scene from a horror movie as the lights went on and off in the bathroom. They woke up to the disturbing scenario, which became hilarious when they saw their cat having fun with the light switch. OP wrote the caption, “Rise and shine, hoomans,” which is a very feline way to say good morning.

Photo: Reddit/majedhazmi

The internet was so well-entertained by the Reddit clip that the post gained 31k upvotes and hundreds of comments. Redditors made the post even more hilarious due to their amusing reactions. “It’s not time to sleep, it’s time to RAAAAAVE!” The comment from thelovelyALT was so funny that it received 2k upvotes. If the feline could talk, it might really say those words — your cat might have a future with a comedy film like Garflied.

“Imagine a horror movie, but this was the ending,” doleary2007 wrote. If so, then the scene would be a huge break from horror comedy cliches. The cat really provided humorous film ideas that will totally trend online. Felines are definitely trendsetters whenever curiosity gets the best of them. Share the video with your friends now and have fun in the comment section.

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