Brave Cat “Kneads Dough” On Rottweiler’s Back

The relationship between cats and dogs is really something interesting. On one hand, they’re known for being enemies, but on the other hand, they can make the best of friends.

In other cases, though, cats and dogs have a different relationship entirely. Sometimes, they form a love-hate relationship or feel indifferent toward one another.

Photo: YouTube/kpettway1

It’s hard to tell what’s really going on in their heads but one thing is certain: We love our pets and think it’s super adorable when they get along!

YouTuber kpettway1 shared a video of her parent’s pets and people couldn’t get over how cute they were!

Photo: YouTube/kpettway1

The video was captioned: “I can’t believe I am posting a cute animal video. But I couldn’t resist. This is ridiculous. Either the my folk’s cat is the bravest animal in the world or their 140 lb rottweiler is a big pussy (cat).”

In the clip, you can see a compilation of clips showing the brave cat perched on the rottweiler’s back and “kneading dough” in his fur!

Photo: YouTube/kpettway1

If you’ve ever had a cat before, you know how much their little claws can hurt when they’re kneading into your skin. Oddly enough, the rottweiler doesn’t even seem to notice or mind!

Check out the video below:

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