Cat Attempts To Jump Off Car And Fails Twice

Cat pictures and videos have been a staple of the Internet since the 1990s, and they’ve continued to be an important part of space online.

From memes to videos, there’s just something about cats that make people smile. One recent example of that is a video that shows a cat attempting to jump from the roof of a car to the top of a tall fence.

Photo: TikTok/@careditvideo3

The cat climbs atop the car with ease, but he doesn’t quite make the leap.

After falling to the ground, you’d think that’d be the end of it but the tenacious feline didn’t give up.

Photo: TikTok/@careditvideo3

In his second attempt, the cat repeats the same thing and tries his best to leap from the car roof to the fence, but fails once again and falls to the ground.

TikTok user @careditvideo3 shared the hilarious footage and it wasn’t long before it went viral and was viewed over 3 million times!

Photo: TikTok/@careditvideo3

Many people commented on the cat’s depth perception and his “flailing” paws.

Check out the video below:

@careditvideo3 That walk away 😂 #cat #cats #chat #chats #cute #funny #crazy #fyp #foryou #tiktok #TT #😂 #🤣 #🥰 ♬ Funny Song – Cavendish Music

There’s something to be said for the cat’s level of confidence!

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