Flexible Cat Folds Herself Into A Tiny Fishbowl

Cats have an unusual fondness for small spaces, often choosing to sit or curl up in the smallest of spots, including boxes, bags, and baskets.

While this behavior may seem peculiar to us, it seems entirely normal for cats. Cats owners know just how funny it can be to watch their cats curl up in the oddest positions to fit into a tiny box, basket, or other space.

Photo: /youTube/mugumogu

One cat who’s incredibly limber is drawing attention from people around the world for her ability to squeeze into small spaces. She’s the perfect exampled of: “If I fits, I sits.”

Many cats might put themselves into funny positions or hiding spots, but Maru takes things to the next level.

Photo: /youTube/mugumogu

Maru the cat is quite popular for her antics and she has a following of over 850,000 people on YouTube alone.

In one recent video, you can watch as she repeatedly “melts” into small glass fishbowls.

Her body seems to fold over like taffy when she squeezes into the small glass bowls.

Photo: /youTube/mugumogu

Maru’s owner shared the video on YouTube with the title, “Liquid Maru with level 10 of meltability.”

After watching the video for yourself, you’ll see why they call her liquid!

Check it out below:

Have you ever seen a cat squeeze into such a tiny fishbowl? Let us know!

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