Cat and Human Engage in a Competition of Persistence. Can You Guess Who Wins in the End?

A fun way to bond with your pet is to play with them with toys or an object they find interesting. Engage them in a game that will help build connection — amidst the fun, you’ll learn more about your pet’s personality. Spending time with them will help you know if they are timid, playful, gentle, or bright. Dogs aren’t the only pets you can have fun playing with — cats are also ready to participate in a game.

Photo: Pexels/cottonbro studio

Felines can even get competitive. You’ll realize that a simple game for fun has turned into a competition. Cats are great in games that require persistence. They will definitely push for what they want — no matter how long it takes. Cats won’t stop until you give up on your own, just like this video from Reddit. A human and a cat engaged in a game that did not involve cat toys. The competition started with a desk hole — the human and cat wanted different things.

Photo: Reddit/Thund3rbolt

In the video Thund3rbolt posted, the human wanted to cover the desk hole, but the cat pushed the cover out. The game went on until one of them gave up. You can see how persistent the cat was. The caption says, “This is a game that won’t end well, human.” The competition did end on a good note for the cat and not the human. Its sharp eyes say that victory can only be gained by their species. With how entertaining the video is, 6.5k Reddit users upvoted the post.

“My work-from-home wife has been having a stressful day. She heard me laughing and decided she needed a break. So she came over to see what was so funny. You and your kitty have put a smile back on her face,” Opus-the-Penguin wrote. The video was indeed something a person would watch to wake them up and remove all the negativity away. It was all sorts of funny and entertaining, especially when you read the comments below the Reddit post.

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