This Cat Having a Moment on Horseback will Surely Complete Your Day

Cat videos are one of the most entertaining post formats online. Pet parents and curating pages share random cat moments that quickly go viral. It’s truly their world, and humans are just living in it. Even people not interested in pets find themselves admiring cats whenever they scroll on social media. They can be hilarious, sweet, sassy, or even adorably mean. Aside from personalities, felines have talents and skills that add to their charm. Some abilities are often seen only in animated films or cartoon shows. They’ll surprise you by making such traits come to life. Surprisingly, horseback riding can also be their thing.

Photo: Reddit/PewPewAnimaGirl

Puss in Boots has shown kids and people young at heart how cats could possibly look while riding a horse. He either stands atop the horse or rides like a jockey with his paws gripping the horse’s neck for support. Fascinatingly, one cat from Reddit enjoys horseback riding in real life. PewPewAnimeGirl posted the video with the caption, “Little jockey.” From the first second up to the last, the cat and its horse pal will surely entertain you. The video seemed to be a montage of their daily adventures together. They are evidently best friends that enjoy roaming around the farm together. Also, at the start of the video, you’ll see how natural their actions are – the horse even waited for the cat to hop on his back.

Photo: Reddit/PewPewAnimaGirl

A cat on horseback is definitely a rare sight for many people. With how interesting and entertaining the video is, OP gained 77k upvotes and over 500 comments. Redditors had fun sharing their thoughts below the post — a mixture of amazement and hilarious responses. “Oh, to be a barn cat, sitting on a chill horse under the open sky…” NunnaTheInsaneGerbil wrote. The main character of the clip was definitely having the time of its nine lives going on trips with a horse pal. People dreaming of a ranch life will certainly be jealous of the cat. Nqxtt3r commented, “this cat has ridden more horses than me.”

The Reddit post was a fun video to watch. You might want to share it with loved ones that love both felines and horses. Cats surely have more surprises up their sleeves — the world is in awe of every skill they show. What do you think will be the skills cats will reveal to humans next? Start this conversation with a friend after sending the video of the little jockey.

little jockey :3
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