Unsuspecting Cat Is Bombarded With Video Game Lasers

An unsuspecting feline was bombarded with video game lasers in an adorable viral video.

The video was first shared years ago and it received a lot of attention, but the owner of the Xxiou Games YouTube channel recently brought it back.

Photo: YouTube/Xxiou Games

In the clip, you can see a tuxedo cat named Quint perched right in front of the video game monitor. He has no idea that a game of Metroid: Other M is raging behind him, and suddenly, the lasers start pointing and firing right at him!

The lasers bombard the cat until he lets out a long meow, and whips his head around to glare at the screen. It’s as if he can feel the rounds being fired at him, even though it’s all contained in the monitor.

Photo: YouTube/Xxiou Games

In the video’s caption, Xxiou Games called the kitty the “toughest boss in the game.” After watching the clip, we have to agree!

They added, “I had this video on another channel from years ago. Decided you all may get a kick out of it. Enjoy!”

Photo: YouTube/Xxiou Games

PSA: No cats were harmed in the making of this video.

Check out the clip below:

Have you ever seen a cat play video games before? Let us know!

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