Can You Find The Cat Hiding In This Living Room?

Everyone loves a good brain teaser, but they’re even funnier when cats are invovled!

Cats have long been a staple of the Internet and a sneaky black cat is going viral for his ability to hide in plain sight.

Cats are great at that, nonchalantly hanging around and flying under the radar. This cat is taking things to the next level and it’s created a challenge!

Photo: Pexels/Crina Doltu

Reddit user u/pizzaslayer111 shared the challenge, saying: Find my cat in this photo.”

The photo features a house with a coffee table, bookshelf, chair, and doorway leading into a hallway with stairs. But hidden somewhere in the room is a cat.

Check it out below:

Many people attempted to find the sneaky cat and commented about their experience. One person wrote, “Is it normal I looked at the chandelier first?”

Another added, “I spent 10 mins and only just saw it don’t judge me.”

If you can’t find the cat for yourself, check out the photo below:

Photo: Reddit/u/pizzaslayer111

The sneaky kitty is peeking his head around the corner ever so slightly! It’s hard to spot, but absolutely adorable once you do.

Were you able to find the cat hidden in the room without help? Let us know!

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