Who Needs a Brother? Cat is Bristling with Jealousy over Newly-Adopted Kitten

Just like humans, some of the greatest love stories in the animal kingdom start with antipathy!

In this feline story, it’s a case of a cat who’s so filled with jealousy upon meeting the new kitten at home. No, they didn’t exactly meet because she snubbed him. She refused to get near him nor even glance at the young newcomer who might be thinking that he would take her place at her home and in her owner’s heart.

Photo: YouTube/The Dodo

It could strike you as really funny! Imagine a jealous cat, and the object of her hatred is a small, insecure kitten who’s hoping to have a forever home and a forever family.

But do cats really get jealous?

According to PetMD, cats can feel jealous, but it is entirely different from the envy that people feel. While people feel insecurity, worries, or fear for lack of material belongings or a sense of safety, in felines, “jealousy can present as aggression; they show aggression toward other cats that threaten their security, especially if their status or territory is compromised. Aggression often surfaces when a cat does not feel in control of their environment.”

Photo: YouTube/The Dodo

Cats can get jealous of a new household member, whether a human or another animal. And yes, they can become insecure with the arrival of a new cat. It makes them worry about resources because their owner will now have to divide food and other stuff between the old cat and the newcomer. What may be even more worrisome for a jealous cat is the division of their owner’s attention.

The best way to resolve a jealousy issue is to give your old cat enough time and attention. Also, just allow it to adapt to changes at its own pace. It’s also important that you give your cat its own space with no intrusion from the new member of the household.

Photo: YouTube/The Dodo

This video story of a jealous cat may concern you at first because of its reaction to the new kitten at home. She wouldn’t even listen to her owner who wanted to introduce the kitten so they could be housemates. But you can’t help smiling, too, as you see the silimilarity of its behavior to humans. The avoidance, the antipathy, the cold shoulder attitude.

But this story’s ending is definitely heartwarming.

Go on and watch!

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