Heartbreaking! Cat Stays by the Side of a Dying Dog Who Adopted Him When He Was Just a Kitten

Abbey Road is a golden retriever whose heart is big and loving.

When she first saw Bubba, then just a kitten, motherless and alone, the dog quickly adopted him as her own.

Together, they spent many joyful moments with Bubba believing that Abbey is his real mom.

Photo: Tiktok/sueblu

How time flies, and Bubba grew up happy and healthy as Abbey dreamed of.

But, for Abbey, the time has grown short. At the age of fourteen, her health deteriorated, and one evening she found she must say goodbye to her beloved family.

It was heartbreaking for Abbey’s human family. Everyone who has ever loved a pet knows the anguish we all go through after such a loss. And we know that not even time can completely heal our hearts, what it does is simply soften the grief.

Photo: Tiktok/sueblu

Many Tiktok users could not hold back their own emotions as they expressed their sympathy.

One Tiktok user wrote: “Hysterically crying!! Remembering my precious animals that have passed. The endless love & pain of loss never goes away.”

Another voiced out: “I’m so sorry for your loss. I lost my two seniors at 16 & 17 and it still gets to me…it’s been over 3 years.”

A pet owner shared a piece of loving advice: “So sorry for your family and for him especially. He will really mourn… mine did for days. Just gave a lot of extra love and care🥰🥰🥰”

Photo: Tiktok/sueblu

Another commenter likewise remarked about the special bond between Abbey and Bubba: “This was so incredibly beautiful and heartbreaking. This brought me to tears. I’m so incredibly sorry. what a bond those 2 had. Heartfelt condolences.”

While this fur parent could not help expressing her sympathy and dread: “I have a duo like this. Girl golden and boy cat, she helped raised the kitty and they love each other. Can’t imagine this day coming 😭😭”

This video of Abbey’s last moments with Bubba by her side will tug at your own heart and make you shed tears, the way true love and final goodbyes always do.


The night before we laid to rest our sweet 14-year-old Abbey girl. Bubba’s going to miss her on our walks. He thought she was his mom, they slept together every night & sucked on her lip since he was a kitten! ✨🙏❤️😥 #siamese #goldenretrievers #retrieversoftiktok #restinparadise #restinpeaceangel #restinpace

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