Cat’s Reaction To Dad Taking Her Favorite Spot On The Couch Is Priceless

Everyone has a favorite spot to relax in the living room, including cats. Some cats prefer the dog’s bed, others the recliner, but an adorable feline named Aurora likes to curl up in the middle of the couch.

However, one day she walked over to find her dad in her spot, and she was not pleased.

Aurora gave her dad a death stare in hopes that would make him move – but it didn’t work.

Her mom, Amy, captured her reaction on video and shared it on TikTok.

She captioned the clip, “He’s in her special spot and she hasn’t blinked in 37 minutes.” Welcome back to husband slander cat tok #catsoftiktok #cattok ♬ original sound – Cat deng

The hilarious video has been watched over 3 million times and viewers warned the dad that the cat is plotting her revenge.

One person asked, “Do u have casualty insurance?”

“That cat is going through a whole movie about how she’s going to take him out,” wrote another.

Many advised him to sleep with one eye open.

She is the “queen of the castle” and is used to getting her way. She has ruled the home since she was adopted about 10 years ago. Apparently, her dad forgot this and will have to pay the consequence.

Amy shared that Aurora was the last to be adopted from her litter possibly due to her “grouchy face”, but it was love at first sight for Amy. The two are inseparable and Amy understands that she is “second in command” to her beloved feline.

Aurora tells her adoption story a little bit different. Check it out in the video below. Word for word how she tells it #catsoftiktok #cattok ♬ original sound – Aurora 💫

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