Pet Owner Makes Toy for Their Cat Out of the Cat’s Own Shedding

Do you own a pet who’s a heavy shedder? Dog and cat breeds that are notorious for shedding the most are Huskies, Golden Retrievers, Ragdolls, and Maine Coons, just to name a few.

It’s an owner’s responsibility to help their pets with their grooming; pets who shed often should be brushed regularly. Daily brush sessions are even needed if you have a pet who’s undergoing a heavy shedding period.

PHOTO: Unsplash/Jacalyn Beales

Now what does one do when faced with this hairy situation?

Most people simply dispose of it in the trash, and some use it as compost. But there are some creatives out there who use their pet’s hair for upcycling!

A video from the subreddit r/aww shows a person using their cat’s fur and turning it into an adorable little toy for their equally adorable cat.

PHOTO: Reddit/CommonSchemeForYou

The video starts with the owner jokingly holding down their cat, then followed by a montage of them collecting the cat’s fur.

Some users assumed that the owner used a shaver to get the cat’s fur, but it apparently is actually a kind of loose fur separator – a FURminator, which is a deshedding tool, according to most comments under the Reddit post.

After collecting an adequate amount of hair, the owner whips out a felting needle and upcycles their cat’s fur by creating a tiny little teddy bear. The end result of this clever upcycling is good enough to be sold, in my opinion. But for this little fur bear, it’s gifted back to where it got its body, the creator’s fluffy cat.

Eek, so cute! Can you make something this adorable out of your pet’s unwanted shed fur?

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