Woman Saves Cat “Frozen To The Ground” During Winter Storm Elliot

Winter weather has been ravaging much of the Northern U.S., with states like New York and Michigan being hit particularly hard.

While humans are suffering greatly due to the winter blizzard, animals are also feeling the pain of it. For animals trapped outside in the blizzard, there’s not always a hiding place to turn to.

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A poor cat in Michigan found himself in a tough predicament during the recent storm over the holiday weekend.

The Big Lake Community Animal Clinic posted about the kitty on Facebook, explaining that a Good Samaritan named Kelly found the older, male cat “frozen to the ground” at Laketon and Wood Street in Muskegon, Michigan.

Kelly was able to get the cat off the ground and brought him to the animal clinic for a check-up and to scan for a microchip so his family could be notified.

The clinic said, “When he arrived at the clinic, his body temp was only 94 degrees, and his eyes had crusted shut.” For context, VCA Animal Hospital reports a normal cat temperature as 101.0 to 102.5°F.

Staff at the clinic immediately jumped into action to save the kitty, who they nicknamed Elliot.

For days, the staff kept Elliot and worked to keep him stable. On December 29, they shared an update that Elliot was stable and doing well, though he still has a long road to recovery.

They noted he’ll need “extensive oral surgery” and is battling multiple infections. They described his bloodwork as “promising” and said it might be another month or so before he’s ready to go home.

His owners have not yet been identified, but hopefully they’ll find him before he’s formally put up for adoption.

Thanks to Kelly, Elliot has a second chance at life!

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