A Cat, Fox And Deer Hang Out In Woman’s Yard And Make Friends With Each Other

It’s always neat to see wild animals co-existing in peace and it’s even neater to see them become friends.

A woman living in Essex in the United Kingdom regularly has animals coming to her house, and they often end up making friends with each other.

Photo: Raw Pixel

The woman managed to capture a video of some animals hanging out in her yard together and it seems they even made friends with each other!

According to ViralHog, she said:

“Animals seem to always come to my house – none of the animals seem to be frightened of each other. My friends have started to call me Snow White as animals seem to want to come to me.”

Photo: YouTube/ViralHog

In the video, you can see a fox, several deer, and a cat hanging out together. Like the woman said, they don’t seem frightened of each other and appear to be perfectly happy with each other’s company.

People in the comments agreed with her nickname of Snow White.

Photo: YouTube/ViralHog

One person commented, “This is like a Disney movie happening in someone’s backyard.” Another added, “Is this Snow White cottage!? Lol
So sweet.”

Check out the video below:

Have you ever seen such a combination of animals hanging out together? Let us know!

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