2 Cats Appear to Be Wrestling to the Death While Their Owner Is on Vacation

To many people, their pets are like babies who are very hard to leave behind when they have to be away for a number of days.

It’s a good thing that for this particular cat owner, Lesley, she has a caring sister who is willing to look after her pets while she and her partner go on a holiday vacation.

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As she takes both cats in, Catherine already knows that the two have distinct personalities. The younger, named Treacle, a black and white feline, is high-spirited and playful. Truffles, the dark one, on the other hand, is her opposite.

“Truffles is the older one,” said Catherine. “They don’t necessarily get on, it’s more that Truffles tolerates Treacle.”

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Well, Lesley’s timing of a request for a picture of her two cats to see how they were could not be more perfect! A relative of theirs who was visiting Catherine had just taken a photo of the two cats wrestling each other in an apparent duel to the death.

Her sense of humor inspired Catherine to send the picture to Lesley, which she also posted on Reddit with the caption: “Whilst on holiday, my sister asked for an update picture of her two cats. This is what she got…”

Quickly, the post raked in more than 50,000 upvotes and hundreds of comments.

One of the commenters likened the fight to a scene in The Lion King: “Mufasa and Scar.”

Others were not surprised by the behavior, so typical of cats, as another Reddit user remarked, “So everything is fine then.”

While some people were reminded by the cat fight of similar conflicts in Star Wars. One individual wrote, “You were my brother, Anakin!”

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To which someone aptly replied, “Anakitten.”

And typical of what happens after a cat fight, Treacle and Truffles are back to being peaceful housemates.

Regarding Lesley’s reaction, Catherine said, “She thought it was the most hilarious thing she’d ever seen. She knew it wasn’t aggressive and that it was just Truffles putting Treacle back in her place. She just loved how the picture captured that perfect moment in time.”

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