Cat Falls 6 Stories Down, Through Car Window And Lives To Tell The Tale

They say a cat always lands on its feet. Likewise, they say that cats have nine lives.

For a cat in Thailand, it seems that both sayings are true after the cat fell six stories and smashed through a car window – and walked away unharmed!

Photo: Facebook/Amarin TV 34

The cat was six stories up when he slipped (or jumped) and fell to the ground below, hitting a third story ledge on the way down.

While that seems like it’d be a death sentence in its own right, the cat didn’t have a soft landing. Instead, he smashed through someone’s rear windshield!

Photo: Facebook/Amarin TV 34

Somehow, the cat survived the ordeal and managed to walk away with little more than a chipped nail.

You can watch security footage of the cat’s fall in the video below:

Apiwat Toyothaka, the car’s owner, shared on Facebook that despite everything, the cat seems to be fine. He said (translated), “The baby is normal. He can eat, excrete normally. No swelling or bruising. Only 2 inches of nails fell off and it is a blood clot.”

After being cleared by the veterinarian, the adventurous kitty was reunited with his mom, TikTok user @bkt_chifoo.



♬ original sound – Chi-foo-foo

Now that he’s down to just eight lives, we can hope he’ll live less on the edge – literally!

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