Curious Cat Tries To Jump On Top Of Aquarium And Falls Straight In

Cats are known to be sure-footed. There’s a reason they say, “cats always land on their feet.”

But even sure-footed felines can misstep, like the viral cat that tried to jump from a car and failed and this cat that attempted to jump on aquarium and was met with quite a surprise.

Photo: TikTok/@brookeclukey

Brooke Weaver Clukey, also known on TikTok as @brookeclukey, shared a video of her cat as he attempted to leap onto their family’s small fish aquarium.

Cats washing fish in a fish bowl is a common stereotype, but Brooke’s cat got a little closer to the fish than he hoped.

Photo: TikTok/@brookeclukey

Rather than leaping up and landing on a staple platform, the cat jumped up and fell right into the tank!

“He didn’t expect that,” Brooke wrote in the caption and based on the cat’s reaction, it’s safe to say she’s right.

Photo: TikTok/@brookeclukey

He jumped out of the water so fast and ran straight to mom! Cats and water just don’t mix well.

You can see the hilarious moment for yourself in the video below:

@brookeclukey He didn’t expect that 😹#catsoftiktok #cat #fish #swimmingcat #ohno #funny #funnycatsoftiktok ♬ original sound – Asia Lin

If you want to see more of Brooke and her cats, you can follow them on Instagram and TikTok.

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