Pizza-Loving Cat Spoils the Fun by Stealing Some Slices and Destroying His Mom’s Pizza

Is pizza a treat or a meal?

For felines who love pizza, it’s a delicious treat. For Lucas the cat, it’s also a treat, but the amount of pizza that he eats is equal to a meal!

In this viral post by Lucas’s mom on Reddit, her cat struck again, and this time he left not a slice of the $27 pizza for her. Not that he ate them all, which Lucas denied while licking his lips.

Photo: Reddit Video/u/chileupmybutt

But he was really telling the truth; all he took was just a couple of slices, but the box refused to cooperate, and it fell on the floor.

If you were Lucas’s mom, what would you do? Well, there was nothing else to do but put the rest of the pizza into the trash bin. Then, as for Lucas . . . nope, couldn’t punish him. Punishment is bad for cats.

It was Lucas who put a happy ending to this. Using his charm, he just wooed his mom and got into her good graces again. So smart.

Photo: Reddit Video/u/chileupmybutt

But, to be a little serious about cats and pizza, is human food safe to offer as cat treats?

That depends on the kind of human food that you’ll want to give to your furry best friend. Not all yummy food we love is good for cats, and that includes pizza. (Mama mia, says Lucas.)

Photo: Reddit Video/u/chileupmybutt

According to Dr. Jennifer Coatess on PetMD, “Human foods that make good cat treats include turkey, chicken, egg, clams, beef, lamb, tuna, sardines, salmon, cheese, or a small amount of milk. All raw meat, fish, or poultry should be cooked prior to feeding to reduce the chances that people or pets in the home will become sick with a food-borne pathogen. Always monitor how a cat responds to anything new in the diet. Dietary intolerances (e.g., lactose intolerance) or allergies are always a possibility.”

Hear that, Lucas? Well, for sure, next time this cat’s mom will be more careful of her pizza. And next time, she may cook some clams and let Lucas have another unique taste of the ocean since he seems to have grown tired of tuna steak and sardines.

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