Sassy Cat Reacts To Dad Saying It’s Bedtime

If you have a cat in your life, you realize that they don’t always pay attention to your commands. Unlike dogs, which often look forward to pleasing their human, cats have their own mind, and they will often ignore you.

Perhaps that’s why it isn’t a big surprise to any of us when we see the video below shared by Inside Edition. It shows a cat that is not only being disobedient, he is being downright defiant.

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

Of course, ask anyone who has a cat in their life and they will tell you that is exactly what they love about their feline friend. They will do their own thing and it makes us love them even more.

This cat, named Toby, was enjoying it today in California. He was enjoying the catio his parents had built for him, but it was getting late, and it was time to come in.

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

His humans told Toby that he had to come in, but Toby had other ideas. Not only was he defiant, but he also did a stare-down at the end that would send chills down your spine.

He was also very verbal about the fact that he didn’t want to come inside, and he didn’t mind making his opinion known. Many of us who have cats have heard these types of complaints before.

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

When his human mom tried to reason with him, he made a move almost as if he was going to come in, but then he dissed her.

In the end, Toby went into the house, but it was on his own terms. Nothing was going to move him except his own mind.

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