Cat Dad Leaves Detailed Post-it Notes About Cat’s Wants & Needs Around House For Pet Sitter

It is hard to leave our beloved pets behind when we go on vacation. We do our best to find the perfect sitter and leave detailed instructions on their care. While most people leave a note or written instructions, one cat dad took it a step further.

The devoted cat dad takes his feline named Klaus on a nature walk every day and has spent time learning what he is trying to tell him through body language and sounds. He wanted to ensure that his cat had everything he needed when he was out of town, so he hired a cat sitter.

But that wasn’t all he did.

Screenshot: TikTok/midnightinthemountains

Being a teacher, he understands communication is important and made sure his cat’s needs and wants were clear by leaving detailed post-it notes around the house.

The notes described what the cat wanted when he was in a certain spot. For example, he likes to be watched as he eats his food and will ask for catnip – repeatedly.

The sweet video shared on TikTok was a hit with fellow pet owners and pet sitters.

A viewer wrote, “10/10 for communication. This will make them both happy and less anxious.”

Another cat owner commented, “I left my last cat sitter a six-page treatise on the care of my cats. Your idea is much better.”

Screenshot: TikTok/midnightinthemountains

Pet sitters love his idea and wish other pet owners would do the same.

One sitter said, “As a dog/cat sitter I absolutely love this! Sometimes the cats just stand there all day waiting for me to figure (it) out.”

Another added, “Coming from a pet sitter, these are absolutely brilliant and appreciated!!!”

The man checked in with the pet sitter who told him the notes were helpful. Apparently, Klaus kept begging for more catnip, which he got.

Check out the video below for inspiration on what to do the next time you leave your cat in the hands of a pet sitter. Don’t forget to share!

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