Help! Is There a Home Remedy for My Cat Who Coughs and Sneezes?

Should you get worried if you hear your cat coughing and sneezing?

Well, just like people, cats cough and sneeze at times and recover without fuss. But if you notice that your cat’s cough and/or sneeze has become persistent and she’s showing more signs of being sick, such as difficulty in breathing, it’s time to take your cherished feline to the vet to diagnose the problem and get proper treatment.

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According to PetHelpful, there are many things that cause coughing and/or sneezing in cats:

  • Minor irritants
  • Allergies. Inhaling tobacco smoke and household cleaning agents can cause a stuffy nose.
  • Asthma. Cats with this kind of respiratory disease experience similar wheezing problems as asthmatic persons.
  • Photo: YouTube/Funny Pets
  • Heartworm. This is another disease that afflicts cats and causes them to cough due to the parasites that have invaded their lungs.
  • Upper respiratory infections are also common among many cats in a single household because the virus is easily spread.
  • Feline infectious peritonitis. Caused by feline coronavirus, this disease often leads to a cat’s demise. But there’s now a vaccine that helps fight against this problem.
Photo: YouTube/Funny Pets

And yes, there are home remedies to help ease your cat’s sneezing and coughing:

  1. Add moisture into the air by using a humidifier. Moisture will help loosen any congestion that your cat is experiencing.
  2. Support your cat’s hydration by encouraging your cat to drink a lot of water. You can also add chicken broth to its food, but make sure that it has very little salt.

If your cat’s coughing and/or sneezing persists for more than two days, then you must take her to your local vet for proper treatment.

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