Gentle Cat Snuggles Up With Tiny Chicks In Adorable Viral Video

Cats and birds are notoriously enemies. After all, cats are predators and birds are prey.

However, there are exceptions to most rules, and cats and birds can prove to be fast friends.

Photo: Reddit/u/melindapeter1982

That was seen in the most adorable way in a viral video shared on Reddit.

Reddit user u/melindapeter1982 posted a video of the cat with the chicks in the subreddit r/Awww.

Photo: Reddit/u/melindapeter1982

In the sweet clip, you can see the cat holding and “mothering” at least five adorable chicks. The fluffy white chicks don’t seem to sense danger in the cat’s presence, and snuggle up in her paws.

When the chicks get a bit adventurous and try to wander off, the cat gently pulls them back in to her. It’s really sweet to watch!

Photo: Reddit/u/melindapeter1982

Not all cats are hungry predators, and this sweet and nurturing feline proves just that.

At the end of the clip, she pulls the little chicks into the safety of her arms as if she’s giving them a hug.

“There’s no in-between with cats; either they find babies and go ‘Oh, guess I’m a mom now,’ or it’s ‘Oh, sick, my Door Dash is here,'” one person joked.

“Love has no boundaries,” someone else wrote, and we’re inclined to agree with them.

You can watch the sweet video for yourself below:

"How a Curious Cat Befriends a Feisty New Chicken: Watch the Adorable Playtime Unfold!"
by u/melindapeter1982 in Awww

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