Cat Forms Unlikely Friendship With Bird And Squirrel That Visit His Porch

A cat, a bird, and a squirrel…it sounds like the opening line to some kind of irreverent joke. But it’s no joke. Instead, it’s an actual grouping of the most unlikely friends ever.

While one would assume that both a bird and a squirrel would be easy prey for a cat, that’s not the case in one household.

Photo: Reddit/u/ilovegingermen

In a rather wholesome video uploaded to the internet by a Reddit user, we see that a cat can actually get along really well with both a bird and a squirrel.

The Redditor shared that this isn’t a rare scene at all, but rather one that plays out on her front porch almost every morning.

Photo: Reddit/u/ilovegingermen

She posted the video to Reddit, writing that, “This is how we spend our mornings. At 8 seconds in, the bird hooks the squirrel up with a peanut.”

Now that is a true display of friendship right there. The bird in the video happens to be a scrub jay, which is somewhat similar to the blue jay, and they happen to be part of the corvid family, meaning that they are really smart birds.

Photo: flickr/Becky Matsubara

Given this intelligence, it’s no wonder that it thought to help a squirrel friend out with a free peanut.

Meanwhile, the cat just watches everything go down, completely unbothered.

Watch the amazing video down below:

Have you ever seen animals get along that you thought wouldn’t get along? Does your cat have furry friends that might normally be considered prey? Let us know!

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