Join This Cat and Her Human Dad Exploring the Streets of London on Fun Bike Rides

Spending time with your pet can be done in many ways, but walking outside is one of the most therapeutic. Simply enjoying the scenery of the park can relax your mind, exercise the body, and make your pet happy. Seeing them have fun and take an interest in a lot of things can easily put a smile on your face and the faces of those you encounter along the way. Whenever a dog or a cat is outdoors, many people are already looking at them with a smile. They are all-natural charmers, quickly making them famous and well-loved by the neighborhood.

Photo: Youtube/The Dodo

One of those cats is Sigrid, and she’s a star in the streets of London. Travis, her human dad, always takes Sigrid out for a bike ride, where she has her own basket compartment. The cat’s dad noticed how evident Sigrid’s happiness was when going out for a ride — rain or shine. “She likes the wind in her face, and she’s quite curious. Her natural reaction is to sit there and watch what’s going on.” Travis explained. Due to their daily activity, Sigrid is exposed to a lot of people, making her a famous cat in their area. People greet her and take a picture of her whenever she passes by.

Photo: Youtube/The Dodo

Aside from bike rides, Travis mentioned that the feline loves the park, where she watches birds and chases them. Since Sigrid is often exposed to city noise, people wonder if the cat actually enjoys the crowd and traffic. Apparently, when Travis adopted her, she was already deaf. “Nothing really shocks her or surprises her. We’ve been basically all over London,” Travis shared. “We’re up to 700 miles total for her career riding,” he added. After a fun bike ride, Sigrid would relax at home with Travis. They have a cozy daily routine, mainly snuggles and Sigrid asking for a bike ride.

Almost everyone in their area knows who Sigrid is — they know her name, and the cat responds to their call. She receives nice compliments every day, which the cat totally deserves. Sigrid keeps brightening the streets of London with her beautiful white coat. People would even cheer her name as if she were walking on a red carpet. Phone cameras are always ready to capture an adorable photo of the feline. Don’t forget to greet her and Travis if you happen to see them someday. The cat dad, and the pretty feline, will surely complete your London trip. For now, you can watch their adorable bond in the video below.

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