Uno the Cat was Stunned and Confused the First Time He Saw a Balloon

It’s fun to see your pet’s reaction whenever they see something strange. Their eyes may widen, and they may have that stunned reaction as if, anytime, the object will attack them. Sometimes your pet may just try to play with it — which will lead to various mishaps if the object is within reach, especially electronics. Animal curiosity will make them do things like lurk around, pounce on it, and even bite into it. Being inquisitive of their surroundings is essential for them and is wired for survival.

Photo: PxHere

With how funny animals are in how they react to things, the internet is already filled with animal reaction videos. Recently, a cat went viral for his initial response when he saw a balloon for the first time. The cat’s name is Uno, the feline with one ear. In the video, Uno was confused with an unknown object attached to the floor, and his eyes widened with worry and confusion. What is this string attached to the floor with a ball on top that floats? His human, Kat Curtis, lowered the balloon so Uno could observe it more.

Uno went closer to the balloon and rubbed his nose on the surface. Kat sweetly spoke to her cat — assuring him that there was nothing to worry about. Uno’s first reaction to the balloon was priceless, and good thing Kat had it recorded. Those wide eyes of curiosity can instantly make anyone melt and fall in love with him. And he did steal hearts the moment the video was uploaded. Uno received 4.1 million views, 466k comments, and over 400 comments.

In the comment section, people have been gushing over him. Cat parents also shared their stories about cats and balloons. Looks like being afraid of balloons is a common denominator many felines share — one user even added bubbles as something her cat fears. Others had a different story, since their cats love balloons. This only proves that cats have individual preferences, personalities, and expressions of curiosity. And you can know those things about the one-eared cat by following him on Instagram. He has a lot of things to discover, and you sure don’t want to miss that out.

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