Someone Rescued a Baby Squirrel, and Their Cat Even Joined in Babysitting

There are many cases of baby wild animals separated from their parents due to the condition of their habitat. Sometimes those younglings are left alone and would end up dead if not found. It’s saddening how often this happens to baby animals who have a bright future waiting for them. Aside from death from harsh weather and starvation, they’d sometimes be food for predatory animals. Before they can even open their eyes and grow up, their chance of survival is already at risk.

Photo: Unsplash/Alexas_Fotos

After being separated from their mothers, there is another outcome that could happen for baby animals. They are given hope when a kindhearted human finds them near their home or in the most random places. That person will either consult a rescue shelter or foster the baby animal by themselves. Their house is open to nurturing the infant — providing them with the best care regardless of whether it’s their first time. Even pets in the household would help take care of the baby, just like this viral video of a cat from Reddit.

Photo: Reddit/westcoastcdn19

The short clip was posted by westcoastcdn19, which has accumulated 22k upvotes and hundreds of comments. It was a video full of fluff as a baby squirrel sleeps beside a cat. Looks like the cat was babysitting the baby squirrel and was keeping it warm. The cat did not mind acting as the squirrel’s safety blanket — the baby went under her belly like it was her own kitten. You have to praise the cat for extending her care to the squirrel. The baby squirrel might have felt cozy and safe during the time it was beside the loving feline.

Although the 49-second video showed hope for the foster animal, the comment section had different opinions about the situation — which are all valid. Some people were worried that the squirrel won’t be able to survive in the wild if it grew up without the guidance of older squirrels. Others also expressed concern that the baby might assume that all cats are as loving and caring as the feline at home. It’s another sad reality of fostering wild animals unless the humans adopt the squirrel as their pet.

Reddit users explained the importance of having a comprehensive understanding of nurturing wild animals. For this reason, they advise others to call for professional help after encountering a lost baby animal. In addition, people were concerned about putting a predator and prey in one place. The video might radiate coziness, but it was also thought-provoking. There are engaging comments below the post since Redditors exchanged information and opinions about the video. Join the discussion if you have something in mind — whether it’s added knowledge or your honest opinion.

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