Cat Can Sleep Through Anything Except This One Sound

If you have a cat in your life, you don’t really need anyone to tell you just how interesting they can make your daily living.

Everything that they do is going to bring a smile to your face or at the very least, make you scratch your head in wonder.

Nobody knows this better than Paul Klusman, who fancies himself as being a professional cat engineer.

Photo: YouTube/klusmanp

He often posts videos on Facebook about his felines and it gets people with their own cats talking.

It’s not necessarily that he is doing anything new or unusual with his cats, he just voices out loud what other people are constantly thinking. This includes a recent video in which he is trying to understand why his cat, Oscar, is such a heavy sleeper.

Photo: YouTube/klusmanp

As it turns out, Oscar can sleep through almost any disturbance. This includes the opening of the front door, the creaking of a laptop lid, even his voice won’t disrupt the feline.

When he tiptoes out into the kitchen and opens a can, however, suddenly Oscar is there by his side.

Photo: YouTube/klusmanp

I think that many of us have experienced this before but it’s nice to know that we are not the only ones who feel this way.

You can watch him doing this and Oscar’s reaction in this video and get the smile that you need to keep going:

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