Cat Begs Store Owner For Help During A Heatwave

Kindness is something that shouldn’t just be reserved for our fellow humans. Animals can also benefit from us being kind to them.

That is precisely what inspired one shop owner in Saudi Arabia to open his store’s doors to a little feline in need.

Photo: TikTok/@rayan_algamdi

We all know that summer can get hot – especially if you’re out in the desert. But even in the desert, there can be heatwaves that just roll through, making everything unbearably hot.

Being outside during peak hours in the day is just too much – even for animals. In fact, the outdoors during a heatwave is not a good place for animals to be, as they can suffer from dehydration and heat stroke just like people.

Photo: TikTok/@rayan_algamdi

Sadly, not every animal has a loving home where they can be pampered inside with air conditioning. Some animals live on the street and have to fend for themselves wherever they can, ane little stray cat who was desperate to escape the high heat outside, ended up turning to a human for help.

Rayan Algamadi is the owner of an electronics shop in Saudi Arabia. As he shared on TikTok, one day while at work, he noticed a very rare sight outside his shop’s door: a little feline looking for a place to escape the heat.

Photo: TikTok/@rayan_algamdi

The cat was scratching at the door and crying, begging to be let inside. It’s a heartbreaking sight, and it’s no wonder that Algamadi couldn’t say no.

He happily opened up his shop to the cat, who promptly entered and collapsed on the cool tiles. Algamadi then provided her with much-needed food and water. What a lucky little kitty!

Watch the sweet video down below:

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What did you think of the video? Didn’t it make you want to cry? Let us know!

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