Expert Explains The Reasoning Behind Different “Angry Sounds” That Cats Make

Have you ever noticed the angry noises cats make?

Between the hisses, growls, snarls, and other sounds cats make, it can be hard to decipher exactly what they’re saying. Of course, cat owners want to do their best to understand their furry companions, and that’s where the renowned cat expert Jackson Galaxy comes in.

Photo: Unsplash/Marlon Soares

He took to YouTube to explain the meaning behind 7 different angry cat noises and it’s fascinating to hear.

In the video, Jackson explains, “The cat verbal vocabulary is vast! Herein lies the part of that vastness that pertains to all things angry.”

Photo: Unsplash/River fx

He talks about cat growls, spits, howls, snarls, screams, and caterwaul in depth, explaining the reasoning behind each sound. It really helps us understand our feline friends on a better level and hear their needs.

One interesting thing that Jackson noted is that many angry cat sounds actually overlap with fear. In other words, cats may be reacting with what appears to be anger but is actually fear.

Photo: Unsplash/Dollar Gill

In the video, he explains: “All of these vocalizations can overlap, can come in different orders, can come out of context completely. Based on a cat’s early life experience and their experience with cats along the way, that dialect changes.…Pay attention to these things because, again, it’s not just angry; it’s angry, it’s scared, it’s surprised, it’s confused. There’s a lot of things rolled into this ball that we call angry cat sounds.”

You can watch the full video below:

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