Cat And Turtle Snuggle Up For A Midday Nap

Cats and turtles are natural enemies. After all, turtles are prey and cats are predators! However, if you’ve ever lived with both species under one roof, you know that it’s possible for the two to co-exist.

My best friend’s aunt had a turtle named Speedy who got along just fine with her cats. The cats were relaxed and more interested in cat nip and treats than pouncing after a real animal. I can’t say they were friendly toward each other, but definitely co-inhabited in a space of indifference.

Photo: Facebook/Nutrition Strength

However, one cat-turtle duo are showing that it’s not only possible for cats and turtles to cohabitate, but they’re showing they can be friends!

A video shared on Facebook by Nutrition Strength shows the incredible friendship formed between a pet cat and turtle.

Photo: Facebook/Nutrition Strength

The turtle is comfortably laying in a makeshift bed while the cat does his best to snuggle up around the amphibian.

The video goes on to show sweet relationships of other unlikely friends, including a cat and a tiny chick! How sweet.

Photo: Facebook/Nutrition Strength

I have to say, though, seeing a cat and a turtle together really steals the show.

You can check out the adorable video for yourself below:

How cute are they?

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