Adulting From the Perspective of a Charming Cat Named Noodle

One day you’re carefree, then the next moment, you are stressed with responsibilities — definitely adulting in a nutshell. The transition from teenager to adult is immensely overwhelming. Even when you are advised by older adults, you’d still have difficulty with maneuvering life. It’s terrifying to make mistakes because back when you were young, adults were expected to do things right. You set an expectation that at a certain age, you must have already achieved a particular goal. Adulting is full of pressure, occasional breakdowns, and life lessons you were forced to learn.

Photo: Unsplash/Mick Haupt

Nevertheless, you are not alone in this stage of life. Adulthood consists of shared experiences — scroll through social media, and you’ll find that it’s a hot topic everywhere. You are heard, seen, and validated by videos you’ll discover in your timeline. Many social media personalities aim to spread wisdom and advice to all adults out there. Fascinatingly, the struggle with adulthood also reached the animal kingdom. You’ll see adulting from a cat’s perspective in a video shared by The Dodo. Noodle, the cat, was the star of the video — his explanation of adulthood was surely on point. He also laid out the pros and cons of the extremely confusing stage in a person’s life.

Photo: Youtube/The Dodo

The Youtube content was a compilation of Noodle’s adulting life, which started most entertainingly. His first point was indeed true — the best nights are often followed by the worst mornings. Staying up all night is challenging for an adult, more so getting out of bed in the morning. Even when you don’t want to go to work, you are motivated by your bills and your future. And one of the things that could help a person kick start their day is coffee, which was also shown in the video. Noodle mentioned priorities and challenges, from medical appointments to choosing an apartment, up until the terrifying identity and life crises.

Everything about the video is totally relatable, especially how one minor inconvenience can trigger a meltdown. You’ll laugh at each adulting experience, and realize that hardships are normal. Going through your 20s is constantly wishing you were a kid again. However, Noodle will remind you why getting older isn’t all about the things mentioned above. As you develop into the person you are supposed to be, you will learn to appreciate the simplest things. You’ll be thankful for after-work naps, a song stuck in your head, or buying things with the money you’ve worked for. You are free to do whatever you want because you are thriving due to your efforts.

Photo: Youtube/The Dodo

Most importantly, adulting will show you the real ones — people who will be there for you at any moment of your life. They’ll laugh, cry, travel, or get drunk with you. Figuring out adulthood makes you and your friends grow closer. Seeing other perspectives and hearing stories will make life a lot more tolerable. If it’s bringing you down to your knees, you can always watch Noodle’s vlog from The Dodo. Let him be your go-to reminder, and his Instagram page can be your source of happiness. Share the video below with your friends, so they also get to see adulting through the eyes of a cat. Help someone smile today when workload, bills, relationships, and pressure heavily weighs on their shoulders.

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