Watch This Good Doggo Run Out Of The House Just To Give Her Best Horse Friend A Carrot Stick

Some things just need to be recorded.

On the list of things you should record include memorable family milestones, your baby’s first steps, and pets being the best creatures that they are.

What more if it includes two vastly different pets?

As odd as a horse and dog are as a pair, we’re not really strangers to a duo like this. We even have one horseback-riding dog here!

Instead of the horse giving something to the dog, a ride from the previously mentioned article for example, now we have an adorable video of a dog giving their horse pal a carrot.

Food aggression has always been a concerning issue for dogs, but not for this dog!

Warning: Lower your volume since the sound of the wind in the video is a bit loud. There is no dialogue, so muting it is fine too. The adorable interaction is below:

This is great! Watch closely. My friend has her dog bring a carrot out to her horse. 😊

Posted by Tina LeVoir-Jones on Friday, July 7, 2017

The poster mentioned that her friend has her dog bring a carrot out to her horse, but I think the dog doesn’t have to be told to bring one because of how eager she is right from the door!

With a carrot in her mouth, the dog runs excitedly to her horse friend. It takes her less than a minute to run from their home, through the stable, and across the field, where the horse is grazing near the fence, just so she can deliver a snack. What a nice friend!

What amazed me is that the horse wasn’t spooked, even though the dog came running from behind the horse. Clearly, both are familiar and comfortable with each other.

The very good dog offers the carrot and patiently waits for the horse to stop scratching before passing it to the horse’s mouth. (Quick side note – this is the first time I’ve seen a horse scratch itself…I wasn’t even aware that they were capable of doing that.) She quickly turns to run back to the house, but not before checking if her horse friend is enjoying their carrot.

PHOTO: Pixabay/rihaij

At around the 0:36 mark, you can hear the owner proudly shouting, “Good girl!”

Frankly, I don’t know who I should envy – the owner for having such wonderful pets, the horse for having their own personal furry butler, or the dog for having a big space to run around and an owner who’s very appreciative of her being a very good dog.

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