Woman Transforms Cardboard Into Mealtime Separator So Cats Can Dine Alone

There are two things that are absolutely certain about cats everywhere. One, they can be greedy little goobers when it comes to food. And, two, they LOVE cardboard boxes.

Traverse the world over, and I promise you I’m right.

Photo: Unsplash/Dietmar Ludmann

For those with cats, you know that meal times are quite the ordeal. It’s like getting yelled at by a tiny little Karen with fur. If you have multiple cats, the pressure is really on. They can be really pushy and insistent when they’re hungry.

But it’s not just us that they can be pushy with, they can also get pushy with one another.

Photo: YouTube/Cute Liquid Cat

For many of us with several cats, dinnertime consists of standing guard over the communal food area trying to keep everyone separate. Or, having to banish all our cats to multiple far corners of the kitchen just to keep them from eating each other’s food. But sometimes that doesn’t always work.

However, one cat owner has found the perfect dining solution for their five precious British shorthair cats. The feline siblings – Jiro, Mikan, Potato, Tempura, Anmitsu, and Tonkatsu – all enjoy dinner inside a private cardboard dining room.

Photo: YouTube/Cute Liquid Cat

The idea came to their owner thanks to inspiration from the Ichiban private ramen booths. They then constructed one out of cardboard in order to keep the kitties separated during mealtime so no one steals anyone’s food.

As they explained on YouTube (translated), “I tried the Ichiran method as a countermeasure against scramble for food.”

Photo: YouTube/Cute Liquid Cat

Of course, when it’s not dinner time, there are still plenty of uses for the cardboard separator as cats just love to sit in cardboard boxes!

Check out the adorable video of these six cats enjoying a meal together:

What do you think of the cardboard box solution? Would you try this with your cats? Let us know!

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