Terrified Mama Dog & Her Sick Puppies Abandoned In Cardboard Box Just Wanted Love

Sidewalk Specials hosts countless Steri Drives in De Doorns, South Africa, where they help families by neutering and spaying their dogs before returning them to their owners.

Sadly, they also come across many dogs at these drives who are in desperate need of rescuing.

Recently, at their Steri Drive 8, they received a mama dog and her puppies who were abandoned in a cardboard box.

Photo: YouTube/Sidewalk Specials

Unfortunately, their owner had lost his job and couldn’t afford to feed them. It’s unknown how long they had gone without eating.

The mom, named Sandy, was in poor shape and suffering from tick bite fever, while her puppies were ridden with mange and parasites. They were all terrified, malnourished and weak. Sadly, one of the pups was so sick that he passed away within hours of arrival.

The surviving dogs were immediately driven to Vet Point, where they were examined and received much-needed medical care.

Photo: YouTube/Sidewalk Specials

Sandy was so scared that she wouldn’t even leave her crate. But with time, she realized that these people were there to help her and that her life would be much better from now on.

Thankfully, they all recovered well and went to live with a foster.

At their foster’s home, Sandy learned to trust again and the puppies learned to play.

Photo: YouTube/Sidewalk Specials

Today, these pups are unrecognizable! They’ve come such a long way from that day in the cardboard box.

Instead of being afraid and sick, they are now well-fed, well cared for, and happy as can be!

The puppies, named Toffee, Smudge, and Peanut grew up to be big and strong. Sandy, who is approximately four years old, was having the time of her life, but it was time for her to find a forever home.

Photo: YouTube/Sidewalk Specials

She attended four Adoption Days, and everyone loved her, but no one wanted to take her home.

After five months, her wish finally came true! She found her perfect human and continues to love life in her new home.

Watch their heartwarming rescue story in the video below:

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