Woman Credits Pumpkin With Saving Her Terminally Ill Dog’s Life

A dog was given a new lease on life and his owner credits squash with his survival!

According to the Virginia Radio, Martha Haslett was devastated when her dog, Koda, was diagnosed with an aggressive form of colon cancer.

Photo: Unsplash/Patrícia Hellinger

According to the outlet, the specific type of cancer Koda was diagnosed with doesn’t usually respond to chemotherapy and doctors told Martha that her dog would be lucky to survive the next year.

Despite the poor prognosis, Martha refused to give up on Koda and she paid for him to go through chemotherapy. Beyond that, she started watching his diet more closely, and somewhere along the way, she heard that pumpkin was good for dogs. She started implementing the squash into Koda’s meals in hopes that it’d provide him a boost of nutrition.

Photo: Unsplash/Minh Pham

Now, some two years later (and hundreds of cans of pumpkin later), Koda’s cancer has completely disappeared according to the Virginia Radio.

He’s allegedly healthy and has a new lease on life, and his owner credits his pumpkin-rich diet to the miracle.

Photo: Unsplash/Alison Pang

While pumpkin hasn’t been proven to heal cancer, the Vet Practice of Victoria reports that pumpkin can offer some health benefits to dogs and may help with things like constipation and digestive upset.

It’s nice to hear that Koda is healthy and living his best life!

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